What do you charge for credit card processing?

We charge the standard 3% rate charged by most online merchants and event registration providers. We also have volume rates for events that process over $100,000 in sales. Contact us if your event falls in that category.

If your event runs over $100,000 in sales, for volume pricing.

How do I receive payments for collected ticket registrations?

Once you sign up with BusyConf, you’re automatically set to start collecting credit card payments. You can even start collecting payments before you’ve assigned your bank account details and tax assignment information. We safely keep your funds in escrow until you are ready for a bank deposit.

To configure your tax information and bank deposit details, please visit Event > Transfer Recipient in the BusyConf Management interface for your event.

We’re required to run a background check on your tax information. This is done securely by our payment processor. Once the information is verified, your account is eligible to receive direct bank deposits for funds that you collect from your registrants, sponsors, and exhibitors. These funds are scheduled for withdrawal from the BusyConf system every Thursday and usually deposit into your bank account by Friday morning.

How long will it take to start using BusyConf

You can start planning a new event immediately with BusyConf. Need to move a current event into the BusyConf system? We will personally import your data such as speaker proposals, schedule, ticket types, etc into BusyConf for your event. Once you decide to use BusyConf, you’ll be accepting credit payments within minutes.

Why should I use BusyConf?

Because BusyConf provides all the tools you need to plan a successful conference in one place. Built with the input of hundreds of conference organizers just like you, every BusyConf feature was made with the goal of saving you time and money while increasing event registration and revenue. For us, ease of use was not a second thought but a priority. For both conference organizers and attendees alike, BusyConf offers a powerful all-in-one solution to the many pains of organizing and attending events.

We have taken all of this knowledge, personal experience, and first hand accounts into consideration when we built our all in one event management platform.

BusyConf helps organizers make their conferences better; better for themselves and better for attendees.

Is BusyConf customizable?

Yes. BusyConf is the most customizable event registration solution. You have the ability to change the theming on event registration pages, call for proposals, and create any combination of unique ticket types.

Is BusyConf secure? Is my data safe?

Yes. We do our best to ensure both your data and your attendee’s data is as safe and secure as possible. Please visit our Security FAQ to learn more.

Can I use my own payment gateway and merchant account?

Currently, we do not support using your own payment gateway or merchant account for event registration. Using a payment processor such as PayPal to sell event tickets is problematic based on PayPal’s terms of service. Using a platform like PayPal or your existing payment gateway can cause:

BusyConf has optimized our payment processing to work with one of the most secure and fastest payment gateways on the market. This ensures that your attendees’ sensitive information is processed quickly and kept completely safe.

How can I use BusyConf to generate more revenue for my conference?

BusyConf’s founder has years of experience with online sales conversion and optimized checkout processes. Did you know that most tickets are purchased by someone other than the ticket holder and that most tickets are purchased in a group? Most event registration solutions do not optimize for these two very important scenarios. You will sell more tickets with BusyConf, because your attendees will have the best experience paying for the event.

Can I charge tax on my event tickets?

We don’t currently have a way for organizers to charge tax on their BusyConf registrations. Especially in the U.S., collecting tax is normally not required for most events. However, if you need to collect tax, please talk with your tax advisor about the best way to handle taxes with your BusyConf sales.