How do you protect our data?

All data is automatically written to multiple disks, backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations. We maintain both daily and weekly backups. Whenever your data is in transit, everything is encrypted and sent using HTTPS.

How often do you update BusyConf?

Along with frequently deployed features and bug fixes, our software infrastructure is also updated regularly with the latest security patches and techniques.

Does BusyConf store our attendees’ credit card numbers?

No. In fact, our servers never even process an attendee’s credit card number. Credit card processing is handled directly by our PCI Compliant Payment Processor. In additional, no employee at BusyConf can ever request or see this sensitive data. After a successful payment, we only store and display the type and last four digits of the credit card number.

Can other collaborators view our bank information for direct deposits? And how is it stored on your end?

How do we get paid after participants register?

We act as your payment processor. After signing up with BusyConf, your account is immediately ready to start accepting credit card payments once you design your ticket types (we can help with that setup too, by the way). All funds go into a secure escrow account, and once you supply your tax information and bank account details, we can start issuing account balance withdrawals in the form of direct deposit into your bank account. We usually have to wait a few days to allow funds to clear the credit card banks, and we usually like to leave a percentage of the funds in your account balance to allow you to issue refunds.

Once we enter our tax and bank information, what happens next?

First, a quick background check is performed against your tax information. This is required by law, and accounts are usually verified within minutes. Afterwards, we are then authorized to issue direct deposits into your bank account. The schedule of this varies depending on the size of your event and your average account balance.

What kind of access do you have to our bank account?

We are only authorized to issue direct deposits into your bank account. We are never authorized to issue withdrawals from your bank account.

Need to report a security vulnerability?

Please visit our security bug bounty page for information about our responsible disclosure process and to submit a vulnerability report.