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When you’re starting a new company, it’s critical to be able to convey the business’s message and value proposition quickly. It’s important to practice, memorize, and test this message frequently, because the next person you meet might be the perfect customer, investor, or partner.

Here’s the BusyConf Elevator Pitch that I’ve been practicing recently.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced event planning professional, conference and convention planning is an utter nightmare. BusyConf is the only platform with its unique set of conference workflows that makes conference planning easy.

Let’s imagine that you need to organize a speaker conference. You have a lot on your plate. You need to manage the speakers. You need to coordinate and cooperate amongst your review committee. You need to publish a schedule that your attendees can view while they’re at the event. And you need to handle all the finances. You need to handle the ticket purchases with credit card payments, and discount codes, and refunds. All of this makes up just part of a typical conference event.

Normally, this is handled with disjunct emails and offline spreadsheets. Almost none of it is in one location. To top it off, the responsible parties are usually made up of volunteers with little expertise, but more importantly little time.

BusyConf gives you the tools to publish a call for proposals. We automatically publish your accepted activities to an online mobile schedule. We also handle all the ticket registration, sponsor payments, and finances for you. It’s all under the BusyConf roof, AND at the end of the day, we cut you a check.

BusyConf makes your event a success. It makes conference planning easy.

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