Louisville, CO/Arlington, VA/London, UK - (September 9, 2015) - Ryan McGeary, Founder of BusyConf and Michael Barnett, CEO of InGo announced today that they have signed an agreement making BusyConf an official InGo Growth Partner. BusyConf, the simple conference management software platform, will now offer InGo’s social media advocate marketing software suite as a fully integrated option on their conference management system.


This partnership will mean that BusyConf customers will be able to seamlessly install the InGo widgets for their events with a simple cut and paste ID entry; no code installation required.

“Integrating InGo into our platform will allow our clients to tap into the power of social media to grow their events through the most effective kind of marketing: word-of-mouth buzz created by Advocates,” said McGeary. “We are so pleased to add this ground-breaking tool to the BusyConf tool box for event planners.”

“BusyConf is our first advanced integration Growth Partner,” said Barnett. “InGo is so pleased to be entering a partnership that is driving innovation forward in the events industry.”

You can now experience the power of InGo on BusyConf with a demo integration event. Check it out here.

About BusyConf - BusyConf is the only application with its unique set of conference workflows that makes conference planning easy. We aim to empower both organizers and attendees to make the most out of the limited time they have. We do this by making it easy for organizers to collect the information they need from speakers and easier for attendees to access this information. From finding speakers by issuing a call for proposals to selling tickets and creating a schedule that works for all attendees, BusyConf helps organizers make their conferences better; better for themselves and better for attendees.

About InGo – InGo is a social media advocate marketing company that empowers event organizers and attendees. InGo serves the largest event companies in the world such as Reed Exhibitions, Emerald Expositions, Messe Frankfurt, Fiera Milano and UBM. InGo provides event marketing solutions for varied industries such as tech, fashion, construction, media, film and more across the globe. It has been in business since 2013 and has served over 200 events of all sizes in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Columbia, Nigeria, Turkey, Japan, China and Russia. Discover how InGo can grow your event at

Ryan McGeary


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